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Price Change July 2022

Hello pet parents!

We want to thank you for sending your wonderful pups to play with us every week! The Arch City Dog Boarding team feels incredibly lucky to be able to work and play with your amazing pups. While many facilities have play groups with dozens of dogs per group, we are proud to say that our groups stay closer to 4-6 pups per group, with no more than 15 dogs per team member. We do this because it's the safest way for pups to play and we're able to work on obedience cues while getting to know the pups and their individual personalities!

We also provide training to our team members on dog body language and communication, enrichment, safe ways to intervene during play, health, disease prevention, and first aid. We have continued our membership with the International Boarding and Pet Services Association and the Pet Professional Guild, two organizations that advocate for the safe care and training of pets. We want to make sure everyone who is working with the dogs is highly knowledgeable and has the skills necessary to keep everyone safe and happy. We take our commitment to their safety to heart and every pup is covered by our insurance while they are in our care.

We also continue to work on facility improvements and finding new ways to engage with the pups. You have all seen the amazing new kennels on the 1st floor, my next project is looking at ways to cool the yards during the hot months! We've added shade but I'm also looking at additional misting options and possibly swamp coolers! These are basically very large cooling units that can cool the air outside! I'm doing my research now to see which ones will be the best for our set up!

Of course, hiring seems to have been a struggle for so many businesses, and ours is no exception. I'm very happy to say that we do offer a higher wage than other boarding facilities and I have been able to increase our starting rate every year so we are staying ahead of the minimum wage curve! If you expect more than minimum, you have to pay more than minimum!

To continue to provide the best service for the pups in our care and to hire and retain the best pet professionals out there, we are raising our rates effective July 1, 2022. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at


$47/ night ($5 discount for additional dogs)

$52/ night for Fireball & Zodiac dogs

$57/ night for Zodiac+ dogs


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