Adults- $45 per night

*Families with more than one dog receive a nightly discount

Zodiac- $50 per night

Zodiac+- $55 per night/ two night max.

Emergency rate- Speak with Shelly

** We are not currently accepting new daycare pups**


Additional options

Bath- $20- $30

Furever Fun- $5

      15 minute enrichment activity w/ a

      team member

Puparazzi- $5

      your pick: two 30-second video clips; 4

      pics sent to you; a video phone call

Fun and Fame- $8

      One 15 minute enrichment game and 4

      pics sent to you

​We only accept approximately 12 dogs at a time. This allows us to get to know our pups and they are all able to receive the time and attention that they deserve. Our play groups stay small and with over 1000 square feet of indoor place space and almost 3000 square feet of outside play space, the pups have plenty of room to play and relax!

Dog Acceptance Policy

Prior to a daycare or boarding stay, all guests are required to have a meet and greet. If circumstances prevent you from coming in for a meet and greet please discuss those circumstances with Shelly to see if accommodations can be made. Our evaluations cover your pups basic behavior at home, their interactions with other humans, their interactions with other pups, and their play styles. The first meet and greet is free, last minute cancellations can be rescheduled for a $20 fee.

Dogs who pass our evaluation and are accepted into play groups get play time with other pups at no additional fee.

We are very lucky to be able to provide an environment that accommodates most dogs. We are aware that some pups have special needs and may not do well with other dogs, or other people. We have created a separate space for those pups.

Zodiac pups are friends who are not able to play with other dogs or they require special housing accommodations. Zodiac pups may be able to play with some dogs, but they require additional supervision. These friends are an additional $5 per night.

Zodiac+ pups will be a rare guest. We have made this category for pups who have a bite history with people. These are NOT pups who actively attack strangers, but who may be more prone to biting when upset. We understand that the owners of these pups may still have funerals, emergencies, or crisis occur and they may need a safe place for their dog. Shelly will be the only human who interacts with Zodiac+ pups and they will not interact with any other dogs. Zodiac+ pups will be housed in the basement and will be an additional $10 per night with a two night maximum.

Due to their higher level of care, we can only accept one Zodiac or Zodiac+ dog at a time.

Holiday Pricing 2021

Holidays carry an additional $5 charge.

2020 Boarding Holidays include the night of...

New Years 1/1-1/3/2021

Memorial Day 5/28/21- 6/2/2021

Independence Day 7/2/21-7/6/21

Labor Day 9/3/21-9/7/21

Thanksgiving 11/24/21-11/29/21

Christmas and New Years 12/23/21-1/3/2022

Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

  • Daycare hours: M- F 7am-9am; 4:30pm-5:45pm.
  • Boarding hours: M- F 9am-11:45; 3pm-5:45; Sunday 9am-11; 5pm-6:45. Drop off/ pick up between 7am-9am is available for an additional $10 during the week.
  • You are responsible for being in control of your dog while entering and exiting the property.
  • If your dog will be eating while they are here, you are required to bring their food. Please don't bring ropes, soft toys, rawhides, or bowls. Slow feeders and raised bowls are accepted.

  • If your dog needs to borrow food for more than 2 meals, you will be charged $4 per meal.

  • Dogs who can not be contained in a crate or kennel and/or dogs who are not able to be in playgroup with the other dogs will be classified as Zodiac dogs and will cost an additional $5 per night.

  • Dogs play with their teeth. While every precaution is taken to ensure that dogs are safe, accidents can happen during play time. Any dogs that are identified as instigating problems will be separated from the other dogs as appropriate. Any known injury will be reported to owners as soon as possible.

  • Owners are expected wait until they see a team member who has given the OK to enter the building and to NOT walk up to any other dogs who are kenneled.

  • All animals are required to have DHPP/DAPP, Bordetella, and rabies vaccines. Any animal that appears to be ill will be isolated from other animals. It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is up to date on all vaccines and ACDB will not be held liable for illnesses.

  • Any dogs displaying symptoms will need to have their vet clear them of contagious illness and serious medical conditions. This will need to be a verbal or written confirmation from the vet. Any dog diagnosed with a contagious illness within the 7 days prior to their stay will have their stay canceled or be charged $65 per night. Dogs with a known contagious illness will be housed separately from other dogs.

  • Any owner who does not disclose their dogs known illness/symptoms will be banned from ACDB.

  • Pricing is subject to change and will always be posted on premises and online. Puppies and holidays increase the price. Additional dogs booked will receive a discount.

  • Images of your pet may be used for marketing purposes.

  • In the event of any emergency, owners/emergency contacts will be contacted. If the dog is at risk of losing life or limb, the dog will immediately be transported to a local veterinarian hospital.

  • You give both ACDB and your veterinarian office and any/all staff of either company permission to disclose information related to the safety and health of your pet, including the release of pet medical records.

  • All medications must be in their original bottle with the pet name clearly printed on the bottle.

Payments/ Fees/ Refunds

  • Owners are required to reimburse Arch City Dog Boarding for any property destruction at the following rates:

    • Floor eaten- $30

    • Hole in wall- $40

    • Wire kennel damaged- $50

    • Misc- $25

  • Arriving more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment will add a $15 fee unless we are notified at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

  • A stay is not considered reserved until payment is received in full. Owners will be notified if their dogs stay is at risk of being canceled due to non-payment or reaching the booking cap.

  • Changes or cancellations to boarding reservations need to be completed before NOON on the day prior to the stay starting, or within 48 hours of being notified that Arch City Dog Boarding has reached our booking capacity. After that deadline, additional nights booked will be charged an additional $10 per dog/ per night above the regular fee and cancellations will receive a 50% refund.

  • Payment is NOT due when the reservation is made. Pet parents will be invoiced and the payment is due by the due date on the invoice, usually 48 hours prior to the reservation.