Boarding and Daycare

Adults- $35+ per night

Puppies- $37+ per night

Daycare- $15- $25 per day

Full day daycare package- $100

    * Six days of daycare lasting 5-9 hours

Extended Play daycare package- $120

    * Six days of daycare lasting over 9 hours

Add on a bath- $20- $30

All pups get multiple outside potty breaks, play time, nap time, human time, their own space to eat and sleep, and they are all covered by insurance.

Dogs who pass our evaluation and are accepted into play group get play time with other pups at no additional fee.

We only accept approximately 12 dogs at a time. This allows us to get to know our pups and they are all able to receive the time and attention that they deserve. Our play groups stay small and with over 1000 square feet of indoor place space and almost 3000 square feet of outside play space, the pups have plenty of room to play and relax!

Dog Acceptance Policy

We do ask that all new friends schedule a meet and greet before their first stay. This gives your pup an opportunity to explore the environment and it gives us a chance to get to know your pup. The first meet and greet is free. Last minute cancellations can be rescheduled for a $20 fee. Any pups who are not able to have a meet and greet will be classified as Zodiac dogs until they are able to pass their evaluation.

We are very lucky to be able to provide an environment that accommodates most dogs. We are aware that some pups have special needs and may not do well with other dogs, or other people. We have created a separate space for those pups.

Zodiac pups are not able to play with other dogs, or they are dogs who are not able to be secured in a crate. Zodiac pups may be able to play with some dogs, but they require additional supervision. Zodiac pups will be housed in the basement and will be $45 per night.

Zodiac+ pups will be a rare guest. We have made this category for pups who have a bite history with people. These are NOT pups who actively attack strangers, but who may be more prone to biting when upset. We understand that the owners of these pups may still have funerals, emergencies, or crisis occur and they may need a safe place for their dog. Shelly will be the only human who interacts with Zodiac+ pups and they will not interact with any other dogs. They will be housed in a separate area, away from the other dogs. Space for Zodiac+ pups will be $50 per night with a two night maximum

Due to their higher level of care, we can only accept one Zodiac or Zodiac+ dog at a time.

Holiday Pricing

Holidays carry an additional $5 charge. Boarding Holidays include the three nights PRIOR to the holiday, the night of the holiday, and the three nights AFTER the holiday. Daycare holiday pricing includes the day of the holiday.

2019 Boarding Holidays

New Years 1/1-1/4/2019

Memorial Day 5/24/19- 5/30/2019

Independence Day 7/1/19-7/7/19

Labor Day 8/30/19-9/5/19

Thanksgiving 11/25/19-12/1/19

Christmas and New Years 12/22/19-1/4/20

Arch City Dog Boarding is currently booked for both Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season. We are accepting pups on our waiting list and we will be confirming reservations on the first of November and the first of December. At that time, we will reach out to waiting list dogs to let them know if we're able to accommodate their schedule. We will do our best to accommodate all of our client dogs! If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please send an email! Thank you!!


Daycare  7am-7pm M-F

Daycare 9am-7pm Sat- Sun

Boarding 9am-7pm

**Holiday Hours** Pick up and drop off ON holidays will be between 7-10am and between 7-9pm.



6256 Gravois Ave.

Saint Louis, Mo. 63116
T 314-448-8525



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