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Job Opportunities

We're always accepting resumes! When we are ready to hire additional team members, we start by reaching out to people who have already applied.

Currently hiring for a lead position. Approximately 15-30 hours per week depending on the desired schedule of our new hire.


  • Greeting owners and their dogs

  • Accepting dogs for drop off

  • Having dogs & their belongings ready to go home

  • Storing & documenting belongings

  • Introducing dogs to each other

  • Supervising playgroups

  • Separating dogs as necessary and appropriate

  • Providing food and medications

  • Cleaning the play area, kennels, and outside play space

  • Playing games and providing enrichment activities

  • Taking pictures of the dogs during play time

  • Maintaining a safe environment for dogs and clients

  • Additional duties as assigned



  • Great customer service

  • Understanding of dog body language

  • Ability to identify stress in a dog and respond to their emotional state

  • Ability to assess different situations and problem solve in the moment

  • Comfortable working independently

  • Ability to manage dogs weighing up to 100+ pounds
  • Comfortable with frequent bending over and standing

  • Great reading and writing skills to communicate with team members

  • Patience with dogs who may be fearful, unsure, or stressed in new situations

Required education/ experience

  • At least six months of dog handling experience in a professional setting (training facility, grooming salon, dog shelter, dog daycare, dog boarding facility, ect

  • Within 60 days of being hired must complete/ provide proof of Pet CPR/ First Aid certification & Infectious Disease Management Certification

  • Additional training is provided on site



Wages: Wages can be negotiated based on experience and demonstration of skills

$13.00 / hour during the first 4-6 weeks of training

$14.00 / hour after successfully completing training on dog body language and emotions

After 90 days employees receive monthly bonuses equal to 5% of their pay, which would equate to approximately $14.70 per hour

$15.00 / hour after successfully completing training on supervising play groups; demonstrating your ability to safely introduce dogs and supervise playgroups, and demonstrating your ability to work independently; equivalent to $15.75

with the monthly bonus.

Benefits: After 90 days- Free daycare for team members on the days they work; 10% discount on boarding and daycare; time and a half for working certain holidays; PTO; a monthly health care stipend equal to 5% of their pay.

This is not a job where we just sit on the floor and play with puppies all day. Think of yourself as a teacher, directing a classroom of furry, four-legged kids who don't always understand exactly what you're saying. It's our job to guide them, supervise them, help them make good choices during play, stay aware of their emotional states and intervene when they need us to intervene. We should be providing a safe and fun place for them to grow and we should be sending them home better than they were when they arrived.

If you have a passion for animals and think that this sounds right for you, email your resume to

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