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Shelly owns and operates Arch City Dog Boarding and lives on site so your pup is not left alone overnight. We play games, watch tv, and snuggle- just like at home! We only accept 12-15 dogs at a time so your furry friend will have playmates, while also getting the personal attention that they deserve. Schedule a meet and greet so you and your pup can come by and check out our space!

For information on what's included in your pups stay and our acceptance policy, please see the "Services/ Prices" page!

What do I need to bring?

The only thing that you *need* to bring is your pup and their food! You do not need to pre bag their food but we don't mind if you do. You are also welcome to bring their bed and up to 2 hard toys.

We can not accept bowls, bags of food with medications or supplements in them, scoops/ cups (to scoop their food), rawhides, or rope toys. Please leave those items at home.

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