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November Pupdate

December 22-27 is already booked (12 dogs). I usually allow us to accept up to 15 over the holidays because we don't have as many daycare pups. If you need boarding over those dates, you need to let me know as soon as possible.


Masks & Covid When will it end? I know it can be annoying so I wanted to share with you all that I'm not able to get my Covid boosters due to the reactions I had after my last booster. Due to the fatigue that I already struggle with (thank you Narcolepsy), getting Covid literally leads to me being unable to function. So please continue to take precautions, please understand why we continue to have a mask mandate, and just know that I'm tired of it too.


Meet Brittany! Brittany joined the Arch City Dog Boarding team in August and she is great! She has experience in dog training and is learning even more about dog behavior and communication! How awesome!


Meet Cherayla! Cherayla joined our team in October and has been fantastic! She graduates from her (high school) Vet Assistant program in December and will be leaving us in January to go to college and continue her Veterinarian/ Vet Assistant career path! How exciting!! How did I get so lucky to have two awesome team members who are both pursuing long term careers in the pet care industry?


Have a safe holiday! Our friends at the American Veterinary Medical Association have a great article on how to keep Thanksgiving safe for your pups! They talk about food safety, stress, guests, and more! Check it out!


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