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  • Shelly Gonzalez

Dog boarding and daycare during COVID-19

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

For our new friends who may be unfamiliar with who we are, Arch City Dog Boarding offers overnight boarding and daycare for up to approximately 12 dogs per day. All of our pups are covered by insurance while they are here, we have a lot of space both indoors and outdoors for the pups, and the owner (Shelly) lives on site. For more details check us out here

I believe that it's safe to assume our first responders will likely see longer shifts in the near future and may need daycare or boarding services for their pups. To accommodate this need we have decided to set up special accommodations for drop off/ pick up during our off hours.

Families needing to drop off or pick up their pup outside of normal business hours will receive special access to our facilities (a code will be required). We do ask that pet parents still let us know what time they will be coming and going so we can do our best to ensure that only one family is arriving at a time and we can continue to maintain social distancing. There will also be cleaning supplies at the door so pet parents can clean/ disinfect door handles as they come and go.

*During normal business hours we are cleaning and disinfecting door handles between clients.

We will still need up to date vaccination records and I highly encourage pet parents to reach out now, before the need, to set everything up. We are able to take last minute reservations as long as we already have everything that we need (information about your dog, vaccinations, ect). You can create an account for your pup by going to or you can call or text 314-448-8525 and if email is more your thing you can reach us at

As always- during normal business hours all pet parents have an appointment time for drop off and pick up. It is more important than ever for you to let me know (314-448-8525) if you are early or late so that I can assist everyone in keeping their distance from other people when they are coming and going with their pup. We only allow ONE family to be here at a time so you will not need to worry about navigating around people while dropping off or picking up your pup. However, as things can happen, please be aware of your surroundings when coming or going as sometimes people will run late. We are staying about 10+ feet away from clients and have set up a table at the front door for you to put your pups belongings in when you arrive. We are cleaning and disinfecting both entry doors and handles as well as the area right inside the door between clients to help reduce the spread of germs. We are also disinfecting the table and the baskets holding the pups belongings every night.

We know that many of our clients can't "just stay home" and we want to continue providing services while also keeping ourselves and the community as safe as possible. We appreciate your continued support and your assistance in helping us flatten the curve.


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