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  • Shelly Gonzalez

We're blogging now!

Hey friends! There are so many things going on at Arch City, I thought a blog would be an awesome way for us to, 1) document all of this so we can look back at it later, and 2) offer our clients another option of following along. The blogs will be a bit more informal than any type of "announcement" and we'll be able to give you more information than what we would put in a facebook post! If you're not into blogs, don't worry! We will continue to communicate in the ways that we always have- this is just another option to give you a bit more information if you want it!

The first change that has already come out is a change in hours!!! We are offering doggie daycare Monday-Friday starting at 7am. We are still only accepting 12 dogs at a time for dog boarding or dog daycare and the pricing hasn't changed, we just want to be able to reach more of our clients who need to get to work earlier than our previous dog daycare start times! We can't wait to see you!!



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