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FAQ about your reservation portal

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

There were a few blogs with information on how to navigate and manage your reservation portal, so I've deleted those and tried to outline everything here! Let's start at the beginning!

Managing your Reservation Portal

When you create your profile you'll need to fill in all of the missing information! We will need an emergency contact that is not yourself (please put in name and phone number) in addition to your contact information.

Then, you can add your pup! Or add a new pup if you already have an account with us but have added to your family! You can also update your personal information or emergency contact information from the dashboard at any time! Please let us know how much your pup eats, if they're allowed to have treats, and if they take any medications. If they do NOT take medication, you can leave those boxes empty.

You can do so much from your reservation portal, so let's check out the different options!

Creating a new reservation

After you click the orange "Make a new reservation" button on the main dashboard, you can click on boarding, pick your pets, dates, add on services, and you can add special notes. Notes can be anything about your dogs behavior, medical issues, what time you want to drop off or pick up, or anything at all that you want to tell us. **2022 Update: Our daycare is booked to capacity so you will not see that as an option.

Editing your reservation

Do you need to change a day? Or remove a dog from the reservation? Maybe you want to add a note? Click the "View details" button on the reservation that you want to modify. That will open the reservation and you can change the dates, add or remove pets from this reservation, edit the pets information, change the package, add services, or add notes.

Cancel your reservation

If something has come up and you need to cancel, you can do that from the dashboard! Next to the reservation number there is a link that says "cancel this reservation." Click it, and it will send a cancellation notice and cancel the reservation.

Upload documents (vaccination records)

If you need to upload vaccination records you can do that from the main page of your reservation dashboard! Next to the "Make a new reservation" button, there is a box that says "More actions" with an arrow. Click on that arrow and you can then click on "Your documents" and upload documents into your pets portal. Please be patient, we have to go in and physically confirm the vaccinations have been uploaded, and then we have to enter the vaccination dates into the pets profile. This wont happen immediately since a human has to actually log in and do the work, but we log in to check email daily, so it will be done fairly soon after they're uploaded.

Paying for your reservation

We usually send out invoices about 1-2 weeks before a stay is scheduled to begin. This changes if the dates that you've booked have reached capacity. Once we are booked, we require everyone to confirm their reservation. You will receive an email with the invoice in it. The email may look like this...

when you open it you should see the information, including when it's due...

When you click "review and pay" you will be taken to this screen, where you can look at the invoice and download or print it off, as well as decide how to pay.

The invoice shown below is not a real invoice, and you can not pay it. Please ignore this invoice.

Accepting the Pet Services Contract

If you are a new client, you will need to accept the pet services contract before we can confirm your pups stay. I can't make you read it, but I highly encourage it. Periodically, we will be updating the pet services contract and all customers will need to accept the most recent version. You are responsible for knowing the content of the pet services contract. If you are not prompted to accept the pet services contract, you can find it under the "More Actions" button as well.

I think that's everything that you need!! I hope this has been helpful. Did I miss anything? Did I leave something out? Do you still have questions? Please feel free to reach out at! Thank you so much!


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