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Training Classes

Human Only Introductory Class- $40; 90 minutes

This class will go over training safety, proper equipment, our training methods, the basics of dog body language, how to break up a dog-to-dog altercation or get a dog off of someone/something they've bitten, how to advocate for your dog and keep an altercation from happening in the first place, and the importance of enrichment. Additionally, our trainers will speak with you about your specific dogs' needs and how to move forward with their training. 


Basic Manners Group Class- $150; 6 weeks

If group training is the right fit for your dog then you will join no more than four other dog/handler teams for six weeks of training. Level 1 class will start with how to teach basic manners in your home or back yard. We will cover recalling to a handler, laying down on a bed or mat, staying in place when cued, giving eye contact, walking nicely on leash, and other cues that help manage your dog's responses to the changes in your environment safely and happily.

If you would like move forward with your dogs training at Arch City Dog Boarding, click on the "Book Online" tab and register!

Meet our trainers!
Becky, CPDT-KA

Becky grew up in Ohio with a “zodiac”/unicorn/behaviorally challenged dog. He was her best friend, constant companion, and playmate until he passed away in his sleep at only ten years old. With that background, it made sense to her to learn all she could about how to take the best possible care of any future pets, and since her graduation in 2004, there have been a lot of those.

After attending university, working far too much retail customer service, calling Bingo for retired nuns, teaching theater at a small college in upstate New York and starting a pit bull rescue with a small group of friends, Becky finally brought home her own behaviorally challenged dog in 2018, followed quickly by her examination for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She earned her CPDT-KA credential in 2020, with the support of one of the exceptional trainers at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, where she was also a caregiver and trainer for 5 years. 


Becky lives in Dutchtown with three crazy dogs, a crazy biker fiance, two lizards, and a pet snake. She’s fond of crochet, chocolate covered cherries, watching too many nerdy YouTube channels, and trying to figure out how to get a healthy tomato to grow in St. Louis before the squirrels show up and eat it first, She’s never met a dog that she didn’t love, even when the dog was perhaps not so fond of her, and she’s excited to have the chance to help more people understand their pets better by teaming up with Arch City Dog Boarding.


Brittany was born and raised in St. Louis, living with dogs all her life. Her interest in dog’s behavior was sparked when she was bitten by a loose dog at 9- years old. Instead of fearing them, she began to become more interested in animal behavior, especially dogs. After taking her dog to dog training classes, she was inspired to become a dog trainer when she was in her early twenties.

After attending college for a bit, she worked as a waitress and cashier until she finally had the courage to apply as a dog trainer in 2021. She is now studying to earn her  CPDT- KA certification.


Brittany loves to read, study dog behavior, watch dog training videos, and edit videos for youtube in her free time. She loves to talk about training and work with eager pet parents wanting to better connect with their pets.

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