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  • Shelly Gonzalez

What's in a name?

Hey friends! As many of you know, Arch City Dog Sitting began as a dream many years ago. I was not a big shot dog magician with a lot of money who spent years creating a business plan- I was just a woman who loved dogs and accidentally found my passion and true calling. I am so grateful that I fell into this career, that I have been able to find my "furever" job and that I "go to work" every day and do something that I love. However, some of the downsides of everything falling into place was a lack of planning and knowledge in some areas! When I chose the name of my business I went with Arch City Dog Sitting because I wanted something short, sweet, and to the point. I wanted it to be memorable and I didn't want anyone to have to guess what I was offering. "Arch City." Who in St. Louis can't remember that? "Dog Sitting." That's what I do, right? ... Right? Well, no. Dog sitting and dog boarding are actually different. I FEEL like I'm baby sitting, but with dogs, so it felt like it fit. You drop them off, we snuggle, we play, I feed them, I clean their messes.... dog baby sitting... ? Unfortunately, people who are looking for DOG BOARDING may skip over us because they look at the short, sweet, and to the point name... and arrive at the wrong point. Whoops! So in an effort to correct my mistake, I am modifying the name to Arch City Dog Boarding. Hopefully, you wont notice! The current website should smoothly lead you to the new website (once it's launched) and they will be, quite literally, identical. Except for the name. Same will happen with the email address- the current email address will forward oh-so-smoothly to the new email address and all will be wonderful. It will take time and I am sure I'll miss something somewhere, so you may see both names overlapping, but that is what is happening, and why! On a side note, I thought about Arch City Dog Boarding and Daycare Services but oh my goodness I don't want to type or write that out all of the time!! haha. So, Arch City Dog Boarding it is... just be sure to tell your friends that we do daycare too! #ArchCityDogBoarding #ArchCityDogSitting #dogboarding #doggiedaycare #stldogs #dogsloveus


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