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Updating the Pet Services Contract

Hey friends!! Many of you know that Arch City Dog Boarding started as a small little endeavor to pay my bills and has grown into the wonderful, amazing, breath taking business that it is today. Over the years I have learned that some things need to be said, written down, and added to policy because not *everyone* always starts off on the same page. So, as we roll into 2020, here is an updated Pet Service Agreement (it says contract on the reservation portal and I can't change that, but I prefer the term agreement). Here it is in its entirety, with the new items highlighted.

By accepting this agreement, you are agreeing to the following:

* You are the rightful owner of the dog in question and you have the right to make choices for the dog.

* You are responsible for being in control of your dog while entering and exiting the property. (Your dog needs to be leashed, with you in control of the leash, and you need to be in control of your dog. Allowing them to lunge/jump on passing neighbors or incoming customers will not be tolerated).

* If your dog will be eating while they are here, you are required to bring their food. Please don't bring ropes, soft toys, rawhides, or bowls. Slow feeders and raised bowls are accepted.

* If your dog needs to borrow food for more than 2 meals, you will be charged $4 per meal.

* Unless otherwise discussed, your dog will most likely be introduced to other dogs. Your pup may be unsupervised with other dogs as appropriate. (Owners can request that their dog be kenneled when unsupervised).

* Dogs who can not be contained in a crate or kennel and/or dogs who are not able to be in playgroup with the other dogs will be classified as Zodiac dogs and will cost an additional $10 per night. (We have more information on Zodiac pups on our website, check it out if you're interested!)

*Dogs play with their teeth. While every precaution is taken to ensure that dogs are safe, accidents can happen during play time. Any dogs that are identified as instigating problems will be separated from the other dogs as appropriate. Any known injury will be reported to owners as soon as possible.

* Owners are expected wait until they see a team member who has given the OK to enter the building and to NOT walk up to any other dogs who are kenneled. (Since the signs on the door that say "DO NOT ENTER" and "STOP" don't seem to work for everyone, I've added it here. Please don't walk in unless you see someone waving you in and please don't assume that all of the dogs are OK with strangers).

* ACDB is not liable for any issues that arise during the use of contracted grooming services.

* All animals are required to have DHPP/DAPP, Bordetella, and rabies vaccines. Any animal that appears to be ill will be isolated from other animals. It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is up to date on all vaccines and ACDB will not be held liable for illnesses.

* Any dogs displaying symptoms will need to have their vet clear them of contagious illness and serious medical conditions. This will need to be a verbal or written confirmation from the vet. Any dog diagnosed with a contagious illness within the 7 days prior to their stay will have their stay canceled or be charged $65 per night. Dogs with a known contagious illness will be housed separately from other dogs.

* Any owner who does not disclose their dogs known illness/symptoms may be banned from ACDB. (This includes, "Well yeah, he started coughing a few days ago but I figured it was just allergies.")

* Pricing is subject to change and will always be posted on premises and online. Puppies and holidays increase the price. Additional dogs booked will receive a discount.

* Images of your pet may be used for marketing purposes.

* In the event of any emergency, owners/emergency contacts will be contacted. If the dog is at risk of losing life or limb, the dog will immediately be transported to a local veterinarian hospital.

* If an owner wants their pet to see a vet, the dog will be transported to the veterinarian.

* You give both ACDB and your veterinarian office and any/all staff of either company permission to disclose information related to the safety and health of your pet, including the release of pet medical records.

* You give ACDB staff permission to make medical decisions for your dog if you/ emergency contact can not be reached. (If there is an emergency and the vet can not reach you, they may withhold providing care until they receive your permission. This allows me to authorize treatment if you can't be reached).

* You agree to receive text and/or email messages related to you being a customer of Arch City Dog Boarding.

* The reservation line is 314-325-4030 and is only used for discussing future reservations. (The reservation number is NOT connected to an actual phone. The ONLY time anyone sees those messages is when we log in to the google voice account, and that only happens once or twice per day. If you need a timely response, this number WILL NOT help you).

* The main phone number is 314-448-8525 and should be used for all things aside from confirming future reservations, or any time you need a response within 24 hours.

* All medications must be in their original bottle with the pet name clearly printed on the bottle.

Payments/ Fees/ Refunds

*Owners are required to reimburse Arch City Dog Boarding for any property destruction at the following rates:

Floor eaten- $30

Hole in wall- $40

Wire kennel damaged- $50

Misc- $25

* Arriving more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment will add a $15 fee unless we are notified at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

* A stay is not considered reserved until payment is received in full. Owners will be notified if their dogs stay is at risk of being canceled due to non-payment or reaching the booking cap.

* Changes or cancellations to boarding reservations need to be completed before NOON on the day prior to the stay starting, or within 48 hours of being notified that Arch City Dog Boarding has reached our booking capacity. After that deadline, additional nights booked will be charged an additional $10 per dog/ per night above the regular fee and cancellations will receive a 50% refund.

There it is!! Just a few updates from last year. If you have any questions about the agreement, please let me know! It should be uploaded into the reservation portal very soon, at which time you will have to click the button that says you accept the new version. I hope this is helpful for everyone! As always, follow the FB page and/or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with what we've got going on!!

Thank you!! You all are the best!!


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