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  • Shelly Gonzalez

"Umm... are you OK?"

Hey friends! I have tried to write this blog a few times. I actually posted one of them and then deleted it almost immediately. However, I really think I owe it to you all to let you in on what's happening in my world.

My biggest issue with this blog is that I feel that it's whiny and attention seeking and I really despise those behaviors. Please believe, I am not sharing this for attention, hugs, sympathy, ect. You can actually completely ignore everything I'm sharing and pretend to have not read it. I'm fine with that.

My personal life is a bit chaotic right now and unfortunately, as much as I tried to prevent it, it is impacting me in ways that you all are noticing. I am overwhelmed, I am sad, my brain is foggy. The short story is that my mom has decided to remove herself from my life and I (and my dad) are having to put my grandpa in a nursing home. There is a lot to deal with in dealing with both of these issues and it is consuming a lot of my emotional and mental energy.

I am sorry for the ways that this impacts you. Unfortunately, my brain is tapped right now. Please trust that everything is fine (I mean it's not at all, but you know, it is). The dogs are fine. I will be fine. Keep sending in those reservation requests, I need the dog snuggles. :) You may need to follow up with me because my brain is going in a million directions right now, but I do appreciate your patience and support. Sorry if I'm asking you to pay invoices that I haven't sent. Sorry if I haven't responded to your text message. Sorry if I forgot to check my voice mail. I'm working on it.

I have begun to see a counselor on Wednesday nights so I am closing 15 minutes early on those evenings so I can get there. Sorry about that as well, and unfortunately, if you are running late on a Wednesday night, I can not wait for you. At 6:45 the door will be locked and I will be walking out of the back door to go to my car so I can get to counseling on time.

I am planning on having all of this chaos settled by the end of October- end of November at the latest, and then everything can return to its normal level of chaos. :) I'll take this blog down when that happens. Because really... who has time for this??? :)

Thanks for your understanding and patience. You guys are the best.


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