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  • Shelly Gonzalez

Let's talk enrichment

First of all- what is it? Basically, enrichment is anything that gets your pups brain working. This can include obedience training, socialization, puzzle feeders, new toys, new sensory experiences (think about smelling new smells or feeling new feels). Most of us provide enrichment by accident- going for a walk provides enrichment because your dog is smelling new smells and maybe seeing new sights- both of which are working his brain. You may use a puzzle feeder because otherwise your dog eats too quickly, not even realizing that you're providing enrichment! These things do count, and they are important. Dogs need more than just physical movement to expend their energy. Arch City Dog Boarding has been providing enrichment in these same ways- rotating toys, exposing the dogs to new experiences (baby pool, ball pit, essential oil diffuser), offering socialization, but we would like to step up our game. We're currently working on building a really great enrichment calendar and options that owners can chose from to add to their stay, and as we work on this behind the scenes, we're going to be sharing some of this information with our clients on the facebook page. Most of these activities are really simple things that you can all do at home to keep your pup busy on a cold/rainy/hot day. We hope you enjoy!!


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