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  • Shelly Gonzalez

Changes in schedule and capacity

Hey friends!! I hope everyone is doing well and having the most enjoyable holiday season that they can, all things considered!

Effective immediately, Arch City Dog Boarding will be closed on Saturdays (for pick up and drop off appointments, we will still be providing boarding services through the weekend) and we will be closing at 6pm during the week. Additionally, we will be reducing the number of daycare dogs accepted per day. Anyone who *currently* has reservations that start or stop on a Saturday will not be impacted and people with regular appointment times past 6pm will not be impacted.

The short story- I can't do this on my own. We are open to people from 7am-12 and again from 3pm-7, and of course the dogs are still needing attention and potty breaks after we close. We have about 11 hours of dog care per day. That doesn't include any of the things that need to be done behind the scenes to run a business, and of course I'm also a human who has my own needs (food, laundry, cleaning, sleep). To recap- that's 77 hours per week, NOT COUNTING taking care of myself or the business.

Dawn is also only one person, and I need at least two people if I ever hope to have a day off. I have been trying to increase the number of team members here all year, and here we are in November with no additional help. I will literally die if something doesn't change, so these are the changes that I'm implementing. I hope that in January I'll be able to reassess and hopefully (fingers crossed) be able to hire more people. Who can make it through training. And stay employed here.

As always, the care of the dogs is the #1 priority and I believe that these changes will give me the time and energy that I need to continue to put them first.

Thank you so much for all of your kindness, patience, and understanding!! C'mon 2021!!


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