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  • Shelly Gonzalez

Changes in 2020!

Wow! We have had an incredible year! We have more than doubled our outside play space, we've added more indoor play space, created a meeting area, Dawn joined our team, Aubrey added a new little team member, we been testing Daycare 2.0, we've added activities for our boarding guests, and we have made a ton of new friends! We could not have accomplished any of that without you (well... Aubrey adding a new little team member may not have needed our help...hahaha!). I am so thankful and so grateful for all of our customers and the amazing team of people who support and guide Arch City Dog Boarding!

We have been testing a more intentional and focused daily routine for the pups and I think we found a winner! *Every single pup* will have play time with friends (as appropriate), snuggles, puzzle games, a mid day snack, and rest times. This will be offered every day as a normal part of our daycare and boarding experience. We want to make sure that we're engaging the pups mentally, physically, and emotionally while they're here! We have also been incorporating obedience cues into our day so the pups are working on their manners while hanging out with their friends!

We're going to add in "theme" days like "Splash day" or "ball pit day" or "bubble day" and introduce more fun activities over the year!

While change is exciting, there's a lot that we're not changing. We pride ourselves in being a team of highly trained pet care professionals and we will maintain those standards for all of our team members. Since we believe that small groups are better for the pups and we highly value the personal relationships that we build with them and with their pet parents, we will continue to keep our play groups small and limit the number of dogs that we accept. We also believe that basic care should be a part of the basic price, so we will continue to give dogs as many meals per day as they eat at home, we'll give medications as appropriate, and they will all be covered by our insurance.

Our prices will be changing for 2020 and we'll be adding more packages and additional options so you can customize your pups stay!

Daycare will be $30 per day with the following package options:

5 day package: $135

10 day package: $265

20 day package: $520

Packages don't expire and can be shared among your pups.

Overnight Boarding for Adult pups will be $40 per night

Overnight Boarding for Puppies will be $43 per night

*Each additional dog receives a $5 discount per night

Zodiac Boarding will be $50 per night

Zodiac+ boarding will be $55 per night with a two night maximum.

We are going to offer a special "Emergency Boarding" rate for our customers who have boarded with us at least four times previously and who are facing an unexpected emergency. This may include a death in the family, sudden illness, medical procedure, ect. Boarding for these situations will be $36 per night.

Holiday prices will continue to be an additional $5 but we are reducing the number of days that count as holidays.

Add-ons! Since every dog is different, we want to give you an opportunity to create the boarding or daycare experience that's best for your pup.

Furever Fun: $5- If your pup needs more mental stimulation than our daily puzzle game, you can add on a 15 minute enrichment activity with a team member. Your pup will be able to think, sniff and problem solve their way to yummy goodness and praise! If they get stuck, they've got a human friend right there to help them out and give them lots of lovings for finding the treats!

Pupperazzi: $5- your pick between two 30 second video clips of your pup, 4 pics sent to you, or a three minute video phone call.

Fun and Fame: $8- One 15 minute enrichment game and 4 pics sent to you.

Our goal is to provide all of the pups with exceptional care and to cater to their unique needs and personalities. I am so honored that so many of our customers have trusted me with caring for their pups over the years and that we've been able to meet new friends who have become a part of our family. We will continue to share updates and pictures on our facebook page so be sure to follow us there! If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas please feel free reach out by email at or call/ text 314-448-8525. Thank you so much for all of your support and we can't wait to see you and your pup next year!


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